MU professor visits Malawi refugee camp to document artists’ contributions

MU professor visits Malawi refugee camp to document artists' contributions

  Art is a medium that channels the human experience and one that inspires and unites people all around the world, even when it is created in places you’d least expect. This past August, Dr. Elizabeth Langran, a professor in Marymount University’s School of Education, traveled with a four-person team to the Dzaleka Refugee Camp […]

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Marymount professors publish new book on place-based learning amidst backdrop of COVID-19

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  The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc across the globe while Marymount University’s Dr. Elizabeth Langran, Professor in Education, and Dr. Janine DeWitt, Professor in Sociology, were finishing their new book, “Navigating Place-Based Learning.”  “The spread of the pandemic highlighted how place matters in our daily lives, as well as how some communities deal with more […]

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