Why college students shouldn’t compare themselves to their peers

If students compare themselves to their peers, it can be detrimental to their college success.

  The transition into college can be nerve-wracking. During the application process, you’re asked to produce a résumé, essays and recommendations exhibiting your best self. Once enrolled, you’re expected to take a challenging course load, earn good grades and have a high GPA. Let’s not forget those extracurricular activities or jobs that you probably have […]

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Wellness manager uses personal story of overcoming adversity to help Marymount students

Yilret Yiljep in Marymount University's Lee Center.

  In 2013, Marymount University wellness case manager Yilret Yiljep was on top of the world. He had traveled far from his home country of Nigeria to chase his dream of becoming a college basketball player, and was now fulfilling those aspirations at the Division I level with American University. But the onset of frightening […]

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