Saints find purpose through internships in health care, senior living

Saints find purpose through internships in health care, senior living

Portions of this story are repurposed with permission from Goodwin Living – click here for their website story.

In health care, Marymount University is dedicated to providing quality education to improve the lives of patients and clients in the ever-changing landscape of the field, and its graduates go into much-needed roles both now and in the immediate future.

By 2050, researchers expect the number of older adults in the U.S. to double, growing from 45 million to 90 million. That’s why the senior living and health care industry is growing, with millions of career opportunities available for today’s generation of emerging talent. Argentum reported that total employment in the industry is projected to reach 8.3 million by 2040, with 18 million new and existing senior living and health care job openings opening in just under a decade.

Within this environment, Marymount is partnering with valuable community organizations such as Goodwin Living to expose its students from all backgrounds and skillsets to this vital line of work and its diverse career opportunities through internships. Students gain hands-on experience in social work, marketing, nursing, recreational therapy and more while receiving mentorship from residents, senior leaders and outside advisors who conduct professional workshops that help interns prepare for their careers.

Saints find purpose through internships in health care, senior living
Marymount student Jacqueline Trosman during her internship with Goodwin Living

One current Goodwin Living intern from Marymount is senior Jacqueline Trosman, who is majoring in Business Administration and Marketing.

“Working to improve the lives of older adults in any way is extremely rewarding,” she said. “The energy and environment here is unmatched as a workplace. I often go on tangents about my experience and how I was not expecting to enjoy my time as much as I did.”

Trosman is a creative project manager, passionate writer and enthusiastic entrepreneur who enjoys traveling, photography, video games and fashion. She has even started her own business, offering curated and aesthetic fashion to a younger audience.

“This internship allowed me to work on more diverse skillsets, including graphic design, videography, photography, writing and interviewing. I gained a nuanced understanding of the senior living and health care industry and the confidence and skillset to excel in any other industry,” Trosman explaned. “I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and supportive work environment. Despite my lack of experience in senior living, my department was patient in imparting their knowledge and expertise. I was encouraged to contribute my ideas and suggestions. Notably, I suggested we move to launch a Goodwin Living Instagram. To my delight, the MarComms team entrusted me with leading this project.”

Another Marymount student, senior Symantha Shackelford, has been a Brain Health intern for Goodwin Living.

“There was so much collaboration, dedication and kindness here that I wasn’t expecting,” she reflected. “I am a bit nervous when it comes to speaking in front of large groups of people, but Jessica [Fredericksen, Director of Brain Health at Goodwin Living] and the others inspired me and helped me feel comfortable.”

Saints find purpose through internships in health care, senior living
Marymount student and women’s basketball player Symantha Shackelford

On campus, Shackelford is studying Forensic & Legal Psychology and Information Technology and is a member of Marymount’s Women’s Basketball team. She plans to earn a master’s degree at the University in the fall and then become a clinical mental health counselor, and has prized her internship at Goodwin Living for giving her a new perspective.

“The experience is excellent. I have been learning a lot about cognitive issues, decline and skills to help you keep your brain healthy. I also learned how to be in a professional environment, interact with an older demographic and lead a group of residents through an activity,” Shackelford said. “These experiences will help shape me into a better version of myself and give me hope for what I can accomplish in the future.”

Team members at Goodwin Living receive career and personal development benefits, including tuition assistance and citizenship application grants. If you’re considering an internship or full-time career with the organization, click here.

“Through our internship programs, Goodwin Living discovers new talent that joins our team and helps move us forward,” said Kathie Miller, Corporate Director of Marketing & Communications at Goodwin Living. “Many of the interns we work with might never have considered senior living and health care as a place they would find work. Seeing interns experience Goodwin Living directly, watching their impressions of the industry change in significant ways…that’s priceless!”