Marymount students meet Netflix Pathways team to learn more about innovative program

Marymount students attend an information session about the Netflix Pathways Boot Camp program


Marymount University welcomed representatives from the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, Netflix, and education technology leader 2U, Inc. this month to speak directly with students about an upcoming opportunity for greater access and opportunity into the tech industry – the Netflix Pathways Bootcamp.

In June, Marymount announced the partnership to offer students three semester-long, fully-virtual online learning programs in the areas of data science, Java engineering and UX/UI. The technical training program also partners students with experienced mentors who offer career advice and guidance.

“One of the program goals is learning industry-relevant skills,” explained Victor Scotti, Netflix Pathways Bootcamp Lead. “There’s a gap that we all experience between college and career – so how can we, at the university level, provide more exposure and access? What are some of the skills that major tech companies are looking for? We’ve baked this information into the curriculum.”

Victor Scotti, Netflix Pathways Bootcamp Lead, engages with Marymount students

More than a dozen students arrived at the University’s Ballston Center to hear from Scotti and Christopher Beaufort, Senior Student Success Manager at 2U. Together, they offered information on how to apply for the 16-week, fully virtual program, in addition to describing the mission of partnering with Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) like Marymount and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the country.

“This program works to encourage diversity within the tech industry by supporting the continued growth of students from underrepresented backgrounds,” Beaufort said. “We’re focused on upskilling their talents and preparing students to become competitive candidates in the industry.”

“We take our commitment to equity and inclusion extremely seriously, and our program is built on a student-centered model,” Scotti added. “The student experience – across academics, mentorship and even the fun that we have – is paramount to our mission.” 

Among the Marymount students who attended the session was Seth Acapulco, a Filipino student pursuing a degree in Information Technology with a specialty in Cybersecurity. He admits that he hadn’t heard of the Bootcamp program before, but decided to attend the event alongside fellow students Daniel Stone and Belal Ahmed Ali.

Seth Acapulco, a Filipino student at Marymount, says he was excited to meet professionals in the tech industry.

“I think this was a pretty unique experience – an opportunity to meet professionals from important organizations,” Acapulco said. “I have always had a passion for technology, specifically how technology is integrated into businesses and cybersecurity. This bootcamp program would allow me to be more hands on and learn more about how concepts, such as programming and data science, are implemented within services at Netflix.”

Prospective participants also had the chance to hear firsthand from their peers currently in the program, including Brianna Johnson, a Black senior student pursuing a degree in Information Technology with double minors in Computer Science and Mathematics. Johnson was accepted into the University’s inaugural Pathways cohort, which launched at Marymount in August. A self-proclaimed coding lover, she’s currently studying the program’s Java focus. 

Marymount student Brianna Johnson describes her experience in the Netflix Pathways Bootcamp program.

“The thing I liked best about the program is that we learn what real people in the tech industry are doing on the job,” Johnson explained. “I was excited to work with someone who is in the field and can give me guidance and expertise about their work. I gained career readiness and I really enjoyed it!”

Many more students will have the opportunity to grow their knowledge base as the program expands to offer advanced bootcamps in the near future. 

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