Marymount President Discusses Lifelong Education

Marymount University President Matthew D. Shank participated in a panel discussion at the Canadian Embassy on lifelong education and training for the global economy.

The discussion was part of the Canadian American Business Council’s North American Skills & Labor Mobility Summit on June 10, which focused on cross-border skills shortages and featured participants from the private and public sectors from both sides of the border.

Shank is known for his focus on preparing students for the globalized environment of the 21st century. In 2012, he received the Global Education Leadership Award from the World Affairs Council-Washington, D.C. He now serves on its board.

The panel was moderated by Chris Sands, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, and also included Edie Fraser, CEO of STEMConnector, and Michael Norris, CEO of Health Care North America and COO of North America, Sodexo Inc.