Marymount launches new intrapreneurship initiative to fill the region’s talent gap

Marymount University’s School of Business and Technology (SBT) has launched an initiative to address one of the most significant talent gaps in the greater Washington region – a shortage of graduates who are prepared to use entrepreneurial skills to help employers grow and meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

The Marymount Intrapreneurship Initiative (MI2) is aimed at students who often feel left out from entrepreneurship programs because they want to use their entrepreneurial spirit and skills in existing organizations, rather than start their own. Intrapreneurship, defined as the application of entrepreneurial behavior to growth challenges in existing organizations, drives the growth of many successful area businesses in media, hospitality, government contracting, healthcare and information technology. Recent highly-publicized efforts in the region to drive workforce development have demonstrated a need for employees who can identify and address opportunities for growth, manage ambiguity and lead change.

Four primary areas will be focused on through the Marymount Intrapreneurship Initiative:

  1. Incorporating concepts related to intrapreneurial skills into the SBT curriculum
  2. Promoting intrapreneurship through community events
  3. Executive and leadership skill development for personnel at existing organizations
  4. Economic research and reports to study the role of entrepreneurial behavior and intrapreneurship in economic growth

“I’ve been working for a long time to help our region achieve its economic potential – not by trying to emulate other regions, but by growing based on our strengths,” Aberman added. “Employers need a full pipeline of capable, visionary and technology-savvy talent that are ready and able to lead change and promote growth. We are looking forward to contributing our collective talents towards this challenge.”

To fulfill its mission, the Marymount Intrapreneurship Initiative benefits from the leadership of Aberman, a well-known leader in the greater Washington region’s innovation community. MI2 also has an initial advisory board of 11 proven business intrapreneurs whose insights will shape Marymount SBT’s intrapreneurial education, while adding their expertise to community events and educational offerings:

  • Michael Avon (ICX Media)
  • Ed Barrientos (Brazen Technologies)
  • Ben Foster (GoCanvas)
  • Terry Hsiao (Kaleyra)
  • Harry Klaff (JLL)
  • Gene Reichers (Sands Capital)
  • Elizabeth Shea (REQ)
  • Steve Trax (MAI Capital)
  • Mary Tucker (UPIC Health)
  • Mark Walsh (Ruxton Ventures)
  • Cheryl Williford (Modus Create)

“The launch of the Marymount Intrapreneurship Initiative is an important step in our Marymount Strategic Plan to promote innovation and position Marymount as a unique resource for our region’s employers,” said Dr. Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University. “I am an intrapreneur myself, as I use entrepreneurial skills to lead change and growth at a very special university. Through my own life experience, I have demonstrated how people can use entrepreneurial skills to make a real difference. Our entire Marymount community is excited about this new initiative, and we are looking forward to addressing the growing technology talent gap.”

“Marymount is embracing the promise of a new economy that is increasingly driven by data, high-powered computing and entrepreneurship,” said Dr. Hesham El-Rewini, Provost at Marymount University. “MI2 is one of several initiatives and academic programs we are developing to prepare the next generation of students and position Marymount as a reliable partner in this new economy.”