Center for Global Education welcomes 11 new students into Global Scholars Program

For the first time ever, Marymount University’s Center for Global Education held an induction ceremony to welcome incoming students into its Global Scholars Program.
The inaugural ceremony, which took place last Thursday in the Main House, was celebrated due to the large cohort of first-year students. The group of Global Scholars, which now has a total of 15 undergraduates, includes 11 freshmen – making it the largest incoming cohort in the history of the program.
“We are proud of all that these students have already accomplished, and we are excited to see them continue to grow as active and engaged global citizens,” said Jennifer Crystle, Assistant Director of the Center for Global Education.
The Global Scholars Program offers motivated students various unique and dynamic intercultural learning opportunities, no matter their academic discipline. Reflecting one of Marymount’s core values – embracing a “global perspective” – students in the program understand that we all are citizens of the world, and that the world and its diverse cultures have a variety of lessons to teach us.
Students enrolled in the Global Scholars Program broaden their global perspective by studying, volunteering and/or interning abroad, gaining proficiency in another language, conducting research with an international or intercultural focus, experiencing unique intercultural activities in Washington, D.C., and building a network of globally-minded peers and professionals. They must maintain a 3.0 GPA while completing these globally-themed components of the program.
“As a Marymount Global Scholar, I am building intercultural competencies that are critical to understanding the complexities of our globalized world,” explained Ozge Kocak, a Marymount senior in the Global Scholars Program. “The program encourages students like me to travel abroad, learn foreign languages and take advantage of our international curriculum. I am multilingual, I have traveled to dozens of destinations worldwide and I am currently working with a Fortune Global 500 company. As I am approaching graduation, I am grateful for the opportunities the Global Scholars Program has offered me.”
Congratulations to the following students on their inductions to the Global Scholars Program!

  • Ozge Kocak/Senior, Politics
  • Russell Akram/Sophomore, IT
  • Noemi Cerritos/Sophomore, Psychology/Honors
  • Jacob Ray/Sophomore, Business/Honors
  • Wendy Blanco/Freshman, Nursing
  • Tommaso Ceccuzzi/Freshman, Communication
  • Gabriela Colon/Freshman, Criminal Justice
  • Diana Garcia-Gonzalez/Freshman, Biology
  • Ayana Gaskins/Freshman, Nursing
  • Autum Halsey/Freshman, Biology
  • Deianeira Hoffenden/Freshman, Undeclared/Honors
  • Asha Jackson/Freshman, Politics
  • Sharlelie Marquis/Freshman, Undeclared/Honors
  • A’milliana McNeil/Freshman, Communication
  • Sierra Sterns/Freshman, Biology

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