Külhoni Magyarok (Hungarians Abroad): Memorandum of Understanding between Marymount University in the United States and Three Higher Education Institutions Abroad in Hungary

The Head of Marymount Catholic University in the United States and three foreign higher education institutions abroad met at the invitation of Prime Minister Dr. Katalin Szili, the former Speaker of Parliament, in Budapest, where they signed a letter of intent on cooperation between their institutions.

Statement by Hungarian higher education institutions abroad Dr. György Juhász, Rector of Selye János University, Dr. László Dávid, Rector of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania and Dr. Gyula Fodor, II. It was signed by Ferenc Rákóczi, Deputy Rector of the Transcarpathian Hungarian College, and was signed by Dr. Irma Becerra, President of the University, from Marymount University.

The purpose of the relationship is to study not only the culture and history of the Carpathian Basin, but also to cooperate in the field of modern sciences, providing scholarships and research opportunities for teachers and students.

The meeting was created with the assistance of István Fedor, President of the Hungarian House of Washington, who is a board member of the University of Arlington.