How to thrive while earning a Nursing degree from Marymount

How to thrive while earning a Nursing degree from Marymount


Nursing school has a reputation for being difficult — but the challenge is worth it.

With a B.S.N., M.S.N. or D.N.P. in your hands, you’ll be exposed to a variety of rich and fulfilling career options. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s projected that 203,200 open registered nurse jobs will be available, on average, between 2021 and 2031, making it more in demand than any other profession.

However, studying this important topic is no cakewalk. There is so much you need to learn in such a short amount of time. Achieving mastery over so much and so quickly requires working hard, studying hard and taking the time to get the practical experience that will help you pass your licensing exams and make you a better nurse.

Marymount matches its expectations of Nursing students to those of professional organizations that employ nurses. Therefore, if you do well in your studies at Marymount, you will be well prepared for most organizations’ expectations. It also means hiring managers look fondly on potential employees who have received their Nursing degrees from Marymount when considering candidates.

We refuse to skimp on your education — our goal is to make you a top-notch nurse. If you follow our course of study and work hard, your diligence will pay off and you will become a great nurse.

Be prepared to read independently.

One thing that surprises many students is that we can’t discuss everything in class, so there is a lot of independent reading that they must do outside of class. This may sound hard, but it has practical applications for your career, too. Medicine and technology change so often that a good nurse has to be able to keep up with the newest medical information. This sometimes requires reading dense material and being able to extract the most important information from the text.

Being an independent reader and learner will make your Nursing education and your nursing career much more fruitful. And, you will be much better prepared to help your patients.

Our Nursing professors truly care.

We often see some of our undergraduate students come back to us for their advanced degrees. Why would they come back to Marymount? They know they are going to see some familiar faces from their undergraduate experience, and they know they are going to get the individual attention needed to do well. These comments are good examples of what we hear our students say:

“Marymount professors are flexible, helpful, personal and give a lot of face-to-face interaction.”

“We usually get a response to an email within 24-48 hours. Most of the time, it’s within 24 hours unless we send the email at 10:00 on Friday night.”

“We know the faculty already and like them. We know they’ll be compassionate about our struggle to juggle school, work and family.”

Marymount professors truly care about helping their students succeed. We want you to be well educated on all of the nuances of nursing, and we have designed our program to be thorough and supportive. We don’t believe in making you jump through unnecessary hoops or suffer needlessly. It’s about walking alongside you and helping you attain the skills you need to be an amazing nurse.