Goin’ to the big city: 6 easy ways to gear up for college in D.C.

6 easy ways to gear up for college in D.C.


Maybe you’re from a small town, planning on moving to the Washington, D.C., area for school. Or, maybe you’re familiar with the nation’s capital but have never actually lived in a big city before.

Either way, going to a college that’s five miles outside of Washington, D.C., like Marymount University can come with its own set of adjustments, but don’t worry! We’re here to provide a few pieces of advice for you as you figure out how to live in the big city as an adult (well, kind of!).

1. Familiarize yourself with D.C. public transportation.

When living in or around a big city, it’s really important to familiarize yourself with the public transportation system. Buses and the Metro are a great way to get around the city, but in order to avoid getting lost, take a buddy and do some exploring. Speaking of the buddy system, it’s important to travel in pairs or in groups to ensure your safety. And always be sure to have enough money in your bank account, just in case you need to call a cab or an Uber/Lyft in a pinch.

2. Learn where the best study spots are.

One of the best things about living in a city are all of the quaint, fancy, hipster, snazzy, fancy, (you name it) shops! Again, take a buddy, do some exploring and find some quiet coffee shops or tea houses where you can grab a hot drink and do your homework!

3. Research internships around D.C.

If you want to make the most out of your college experience in the D.C. area, you must take advantage of D.C.’s internship opportunities. At Marymount University, we have information on what academic internships are available to MU students, and we provide mentors who can help you explore your options when it comes to gaining academic credit for your internship!

4. Consider how you’ll finance college.

Look, college can be expensive. We get it. But we’re here to help! Between the FAFSA, merit-based scholarships, paid internships, on-campus employment and loans, you have so many options for financing a college education.

5. Connect with future friends!

No one wants to arrive on campus not knowing anyone! There are lots of ways to get to know your future roommate or your future classmates before moving on to campus. Join a Facebook group of incoming students, check with an Admissions counselor about ways of connecting with classmates and visit the campus in person to meet some people the “old school” way!

6. Start building your network.

Networking in D.C. can provide you with the chance to meet so many influential individuals who can help you land that first internship or job! Our Center for Career Development is a great resource that MU students can take advantage of, and our Handshake platform allows you access to full-time and part-time jobs and internships specifically posted for Marymount students and alumni.

At Marymount University, D.C. is our classroom. If you think that a close-knit school in a big city could be the perfect fit for you, or if you have questions about applying to college, financing a college education, transferring colleges or tackling standardized tests for college, we invite you to request more information today!