Global Scholars Seek Global Perspective with Embassy Visit

The Marymount Global Scholars, along with their academic director Dr. Delario Lindsey, visited the embassies of Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts & Nevis, and Saint Vincent & The Grenadines on November 28th. They received tours and presentations from the ambassadors, coordinated by Marymount alum Bernise Springer (11), who is a program assistant at the Saint Lucia embassy.

In addition to two presentations by the embassies and a question-and-answer session, the group also met with the Saint Lucia Ambassador, Ambassador Anton Edmunds, who spoke to challenges like human capital flight and climate change as well as having an economy that relies heavily on tourism.

“Going there and learning about their country and culture increased the radius of my views of how different things can have a strong impact on a culture,” said Russell Akram, an IT student and a member of the newest cohort of the Global Scholars program.

This field trip served as one of many learning opportunities offered to the Global Scholars who are encouraged to partake in intercultural experiences in the Washington D.C. region.

“Our goal is really to show our students real life examples of global connections,” said Ana-Sofia Alcaraz, Coordinator for Global Engagement at the Marymount Center for Global Education. “The Global Scholars Program allows students to communicate with other students to find an international focus in a variety of fields. No matter what major you are studying, there is a global influence present. I hope this visit expanded their curiosity for these connections.”

The Global Scholars Program offers motivated students in all academic disciplines experiences to expand their global perspective through unique and dynamic intercultural learning opportunities. Students are required to take four colloquium courses exclusive to the Global Scholars program and to take three global perspectives classes. Students are also required to participate in at least two of three global learning opportunities from study abroad, a global internship (whether abroad or local with a global focus), or a service learning/volunteer project either overseas or locally with a global focus.

“I decided to become a Global Scholar, because I believe that theory and practical training isn’t enough nowadays,” said Akram. “Having good communication skills with a variety of people is important, and being a Global Scholar allows me to meet with different kinds of people and enhance my communications skills.””

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