American Heritage Week Announced

Marymount University’s first American Heritage Week takes place September 15-19, 2014. A campaign by the Department of History and Politics, the American Heritage Initiative promotes informed citizenship by advancing understanding of the nature and origins of American civilization and the rights and responsibilities of citizens within a self-governing republic. This year, the highlights of American Heritage Week are three main events addressing the theme of “Minority Rights, Majority Rule, and the Constitution.”

Child Immigration Crisis Public Policy Forum (September 16, 7:00-8:30 PM, Reinsch Library Auditorium):

Sponsored by the History and Politics Club, the forum features a discussion panel that includes guest speaker Mr. Guston Araoz of the Dream Project, as well as Marymount’s own Dr. Mark Benbow and Dr. Bob Otten. The panel and the audience will discuss the ongoing Child Immigration Crisis on America’s southern border in light of the American Heritage, specifically, the conflict between U.S. sovereignty and border security on the one hand and the American tradition of welcoming immigrants and advancing human rights on the other. We hope the event will generate lively and thoughtful deliberation by the Marymount community about this present-day controversy. After the forum, there will be a reception in the Barry Art Gallery catered by Roti.

Constitution Day Luncheon (September 17, 12:00-1:30 PM, Gerard Phelan Dining Room):

This elegant affair is Marymount University’s official observance of the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution by its celebrated framers. All members of the Marymount community are invited to enjoy a buffet luncheon and a talk by Dr. Joyce Lee Malcolm, Professor of Law at the George Mason School of Law. Dr. Malcolm’s talk is called “Fighting for Freedom: Blacks, Whites, and the American Revolution.” She will address the largely forgotten story of the banning of slavery in the Northern states during the Revolutionary Era. Dr. Malcolm’s talk is a welcome reminder of our republic’s founding commitment to securing liberty for individuals and justice for oppressed minorities.

Screening and Discussion of Lincoln (September 18, 6:00-9:00 PM, Reinsch Library Auditorium):

We will watch and discuss Steven Spielberg’s feature film about President Abraham Lincoln’s political leadership during the Civil War and contribution to passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery nationwide. Dr. Patrick Mullins will take questions from the audience about the ways in which this film raises such issues as constitutional limits on presidential power, civil liberties and states’ rights in wartime, and the obligation which the majority owes to minorities. The event is free of charge and all members of the Marymount Community are welcome to participate. After the screening and discussion, there will be a reception in the Barry Art Gallery catered by District Taco. This event is co-sponsored by the History and Politics Club and the Pre-Law Student Society.

The History and Politics Club and the Department of History and Politics welcome Marymount’s students, faculty, staff, and administrators to join us in the events for American Heritage Week, and we thank the School of Arts and Sciences and Campus Programs and Leadership Development for their support. For more information about American Heritage Week, please contact Dr. Patrick Mullins, co-director of the American Heritage Initiative.