5 ways to avoid senioritis during your last year of high school

5 ways to avoid senioritis during your last year of high school


You’ve almost made it. The end of your high school career is in sight, and you’ve got just one year left to prepare for all the ways you’re going to conquer that upcoming four-year college experience. But you’ve got one difficult (and maybe unexpected) challenge to overcome. You’ve probably heard of this challenge before — it’s known as ‘senioritis,’ and it’s a hurdle that can be hard to overcome.

Here are five ways to maintain an ambitious attitude and avoid senioritis during your last year as a high school student.

1. App up to avoid senioritis

You’ve probably heard it your whole life — stay organized to be successful! But staying organized isn’t my strong suit, you might be thinking. No worries. If you’re like most high school students living in America, you have a smartphone. Get out your smartphone and access one of these apps designed to help you get and stay organized, even as you navigate often stressful situations like the college application process. With a smartphone, you have access to a planner, agenda and many mobile apps that will help make planning your day, week or even semester just a little bit easier.

Why this should matter to you: While your senior year might seem like just one big task needing to be finished, your final year as a high school student is a crucial time to learn some last-minute organizational skills. College is a whole different ballgame, and you won’t have the guidance of your parents (or even necessarily of your professors) to go to class or turn your assignments in on time. Take advantage of the many accessible mobile apps and other tools that will help you gain some practical organizing experience.

2. Balance it out

One way to combat the leering dread of senioritis is to balance out your year’s activities with some healthy habits, especially ones that you can take with you to college. It’s simple, really — balance out your lifestyle with the following:

  • Get eight hours of sleep a night (yes, eight)
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Stay active (be creative with your energy — swim, hike, rock climb or join a gym)
  • Cultivate your close relationships with family and friends (you’ll miss them once the semester starts)

Why this should matter to you: As easy as it is to reach for that bag of chips or stay up binge watching your favorite TV series, poor lifestyle habits will keep you from maintaining an ambitious, exciting outlook on your final year in high school. Make the most of your last year by preparing yourself as the kind of person you want to be as you move on to college. Doing so will help you fight off senioritis.

3. Master momentum to combat senioritis

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” Ben was right — busy people get things done because they have drive and momentum. In addition, staying busy and focused on worthwhile projects can help you transition into a more rigorous, more demanding environment like college. So keep yourself busy and get involved in something outside of school, whether it’s a community service opportunity or a paying job.

Why this should matter to you: Have you ever run a race? If you have, it probably helped you look beyond the finish line at something to look forward to (like Oreos and Gatorade!). Looking beyond your senior year at the opportunities and experiences you’re about to have at college will help you maintain momentum throughout your senior year and will help you more easily transition into a university setting.

4. Flock together

Birds of a study group? Who knows, maybe you’re one of those people who prefers to study alone and figure out new things as an individual. And there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s just the way that you work, but if you’re losing motivation in your senior year of high school, try participating in some group activities. Whether you’re writing essays for your college applications, studying for a pre-college exam like the SAT or ACT or even visiting college campuses, do it together with some of your senior peers.

Why this should matter to you: By surrounding yourself with ambitious, positive people that have the same objectives as you, you’re more likely to stay on track with your tasks at hand. Finishing out your senior year with gusto and drive is hugely important, and if you haven’t tried building a group of peers to help you (and them) stay on track, you should give it a try.

5. Freshman year is coming

One of the most important ways to stave off the effects of senioritis is preparing yourself for the next chapter of your life at college. Concern yourself with visiting colleges, talking to school reps at college fairs and familiarizing yourself with each school’s application process. If you’ve already begun the college application process, then start constructing your college résumé and preparing for your college interview, if necessary. It’s also time to begin your scholarship search and start gathering whatever information you need to apply and submit your scholarship applications.

Why this should matter to you: Avoiding stress during your senior year is important, but while avoiding stress and planning ahead can help you transition smoothly into a college setting, the root of these two remedies lies in not allowing something like senioritis to affect your drive, your ambition and your ability to finish out your high school career with strength.

These five tips may seem fairly straightforward, but if taken seriously and implemented early on in your senior year, you may have a better chance of combating senioritis before it sets in.