4 videos designed to help you ace the SAT or ACT

4 videos designed to help you ace the SAT or ACT


Many high school students are aware that certain standardized tests for college are a requirement for most university admissions, and many college-bound students feel a lot of pressure when studying and preparing for the SAT or ACT. Here are a few videos that you should watch when tackling your college test prep!

1. Train Your Brain: Kaplan’s SAT Prepathon

In this video, Teacher of the Year finalist and SAT pro Arthur Ahn takes you through six hours of SAT preparation in which he and his team of experts review SAT math and verbal, including reading tips, SAT grammar rules and much more.

2. Self-study for the new SAT

Are you looking to improve your SAT score? Whether you’re aiming to elevate your score by 10 or 100 points, the tips in this video should be beneficial in helping you perform your best.

3. How to get a perfect score on the ACT

Studying for the ACT? Get in-depth video test prep from perfect scoring college admissions tutor Brooke Hanson in this video.

4. Train your brain: Kaplan’s ACT Prepathon

In this Kaplan Prepathon ACT video, top-rated teacher Nzinga takes you through six hours of ACT prep. You can review math and verbal, including advanced math and advanced reading. Focus on your weak areas, do an overall review or add this video to your ACT preparation study plans and use it as you go through your practice over the weeks.


You can never be too prepared when studying for standardized tests for college. So, figure out which method works the best for you and your study habits, so you can be ready to give your best effort!

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