3 things you didn’t know you could do with a communication degree

Communication degree


What should you major in if you want to learn how to talk and write persuasively, or if you love interacting with different kinds of people? Maybe consider a communication degree!

There are plenty of jobs available to those with communication degrees, spanning roles within media outlets, government agencies, corporate communications and more. Here are just a few things you can do after graduating as a communication major.


A degree in communication is excellent if you’re considering journalism as a career. Communication majors learn how to be persuasive in their writing and how to convey messages through their medium — whether it’s print, digital or broadcast. These skills are especially valuable when it comes to journalism, because journalists need to be concise in their stories and communicate information in a way that supports whatever ‘angle’ they’re working. As a communication major, you will likely learn about media criticism and the inner workings of news journalism. Having this coursework under your belt will give you a leg up when applying for future jobs in the industry!

Public relations

In public relations, you’ll advocate for clients who want to maintain a good image in the public eye. Your communication skills will be put to good use here! The client-PR-public relationship can take many forms, from general functions to media engagements, campaigns and even conflict management. The diverse applications of a public relations job make it easy for almost anyone to enjoy it. Your communication degree will be put to good use in many different forms, like writing public-facing press releases or internal communications within your organization. The ability to communicate effectively is probably the most important thing about this job — as such, a communication degree will look excellent on your job application!

Political campaigns

Do you love politics, but don’t necessarily want to major in political science or government? Maybe you should be a communication major! Comm majors fit in well for a variety of political positions, but they especially make great campaign managers. As a campaign manager, you’ll pretty much be the face of the campaign (aside from the actual candidate). You’ll be in charge of coordinating all operations of the campaign, including fundraising, polling and direct campaigning with the public. Your communication degree will look great when you apply for this job, because you’ll have already learned how to communicate with many different kinds of people!


Almost every company and organization needs people who can communicate effectively and help relate to the general public, media outlets and other organizations. It’s so widely applicable in the job market, and you’re sure to find a job you love after you graduate!