Marymount is offering an abbreviated semester starting October 22, 2018. To register for this “Mini-mester”, you must either be a current Marymount student, our apply to Marymount online (follow instructions within the application to apply for the Mini-mester). The Mini-mester will run for seven weeks and we are offering two courses, Theological Inquiry (TRS-100) and Composition I (EN-101).

Mini-mester Deadlines and Timeline

  • Complete application (if not currently a Marymount student) by Thursday, October 18
  • Mini-mester begins, Monday, October 22
  • Last day to add, Wednesday, October 24
  • Last day to drop (without academic record and to receive a refund), Friday, October 26
  • Last day to drop and receive a grade of “W” is November 2.


Q: I’m already going to Marymount this Fall. Can I take a Mini-mester course?
A: Yes! As long as you are not currently enrolled and haven’t taken a W grade in the same course, you are eligible to enroll in a Mini-mester course. Ask the associate or assistant dean in your school for more information and approval to enroll.

Q: How much does a Mini-mester course cost?
A: Each Mini-mester class is a three credit course. Marymount’s standard tuition and fees apply.

Q: I’m interested in applying to Marymount and enroll in the Mini-mester. Will I qualify for any financial aid?
A: All students applying to the “Mini-mester” will be considered non-degree. Non-degree students are not eligible for scholarships or financial aid. For more specifics about cost or available payment plans, please contact our admissions office.

Q: I’m a current MU student. Will my existing financial aid apply to the cost of the mini-mester?
A: Yes! If you’re a full time, degree-seeking MU student, our standard tuition and fees apply. Remember, you must pay standard credit hour costs for any credit hours over eighteen per semester.