MyMU Account

The MyMU account, also called “single sign-on” is the basic account that controls access to MU systems, myMU Apps, Canvas, Marynet, and MUWeb.

myMU Apps:

myMU Apps is a new innovative way for accessing myMUMail, keeping track of schedules on a myMUCalendar, using myMUDocs to create documents and presentations, and myMUSites for creating websites.


It is the Learning Management System used by Marymount University for online courses, support of classroom-based courses, and support for faculty and staff committees and student organizations.


(WebAdvisor) is a web-based interface to Colleague allowing students, faculty and staff to view and modify information in the database. Marynet consists of

  • A main menu (homepage)
  • Submenus: one each for applicants, students, faculty, and employees
  • Links to access information
  • Help for the web pages