WEPA-Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere

WEPA-Wireless Everywhere, Print AnywhereMU has launched a campus printing system for students.  This student printing system, called WEPA (pronounced “Wee-Pah”), features a “cloud” technology that allows students to print from any location.  Students can send a document to print from home, laptop, USB drive or Mobile device and conveniently retrieve documents at any WEPA print kiosk on campus.

Kiosk Printing Benefits:

  • Kiosks are located on the Main Campus, the Ballston Center, and in the Reston Center.
  • Students can print black/white and color copies; single or double-sided; 8.5X11
  • Kiosks use high-quality laser paper and high-definition ink
  • Cloud printing with touch-screen kiosks
  • Prints most Windows and MAC file types

Kiosk printing has been set up for current students.  MU student have been pre-registered to use the print kiosks.  Therefore, they do not have to create a new account.  WEPA accounts are automatically created and associated with students’ MU Account. They will login with their same username and password as their Gmail.

MU faculty and staff accounts will not work with the WEPA system this semester.  Faculty and staff wishing to use the system will have to register using their personal email account.

The following are instructions on how the students can print using the WEPA system.

To print documents directly from your PC or MAC laptop:

  • Go to www.wepanow.com.
  • Login using your MU email address (e.g. cvo12345@marymount.edu) and password.
  • Click on the “Drivers” link and Download either PC/MAC Driver.
  • Click “file” and “print” from any application. (i.e. Word, Excel, pdf, etc.).
  • Select either the WEPA-BW Printer (for black and white pages) or the WEPA-Color Printer (for color pages) from the print properties drop down menu.
  • Select any print options (multiple handouts, duplex, multiple copies, etc.).   
  • Go to any WEPA print kiosk on campus to release and print your document(s). 

To print documents from an MU computer lab or Library:

All MU computer labs and Libraries have WEPA print drivers installed, which allows you to select WEPA as the printer. In these locations, click the Print button in your application, select the WEPA printer (WEPA B/W or WEPA Color), enter your WEPA username and password, and go to a WEPA kiosk to pick up and pay.

To print documents using a USB drive at a WEPA kiosk:

Insert a USB drive containing your files into the WEPA print kiosk and follow the on-screen instructions.

To print documents from anywhere else:

Lets say you’re using a friend’s computer that is set to use his/her WEPA account, or a public computer at a coffee shop that isn’t set up for WEPA printing. You can still print by uploading documents into your online WEPA account. This option works with a limited number of file types including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. File size cannot exceed 20 MB.

Mobile Printing

You can now send email and attachments to any WEPA kiosk. Whether you are using the iPad, iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry you can download the WEPA “app” from the App Store or Google Play and send documents to any WEPA kiosk.

Release a Print Job

Release Code

After you print from your computer, WEPA will give you a 6 digit release code. You can press the “Release Code” on the screen and you will be directed to that single print job. Select the print job and then select your payment option

Userid Login

After you have printed several jobs, you can print all of them at once by logging into your account at the Kiosk and hitting the “Select All” option, and then by selecting your payment option WEPA will print all of the selected jobs.

Print Pricing

Colour Black & White
Single-sided $0.49 Single-sided $0.09
Double-sided $0.89 Double-sided $0.17


Free Printing Credits from MU

Your MU WEPA account will be preloaded with $25 each semester for printing. This will provide you with approximately 250 pages of free printing. Once you have used your free printing credits, you can add money into your WEPA account using a credit card.

Having Trouble Printing?

Please contact WEPA Support at 1-800-675-7639 or visit www.wepanow.com or contact IT Support Services.


Where are the WEPA Kiosks located on campus?

For the WEPA Kiosks location and status Click HERE

How do I know which kiosk to use?

Any Kiosk can print your job.  WEPA uses “cloud” technology so once you send a file to print using the WEPA print driver any kiosk can then output your pages.  Any document sent to the cloud will remain in the queue for 24 hours until you decide to retrieve it.  You only pay for color printing.

What is my username and password?

MU student have been pre-registered to use the print kiosks.  Therefore, please do not create a new account.  WEPA accounts are automatically created and associated with your MU Account. You will login with your same username and password as your Gmail.

How long is my job kept in the cloud?

24-hours.  After that time, the document is deleted from the WEPA system; however, if that happens, you can simply upload your document again.

What documents does the WEPA™ support?

The WEPA™ supports MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Adobe PDF documents along with MAC Pages, Keynote and Numbers applications. WEPA™ also supports JPG and BMP printing.

Is there a file size limit for uploaded documents?

Yes, 20 MB. This limit applies only to documents uploaded to the WEPA website, not to the print jobs sent from an application or printed directly from a kiosk with a USB drive.

Can I use my USB Flash-Drive (jump-drive) at the WEPA™ kiosk?

Yes. You can print directly from your USB Flash-drive at any WEPA™ kiosk. Simply touch “Print from USB”, insert your USB Flash-drive (your files will be displayed), select your file(s) you want to print. A neat aspect about the USB Flash-drive feature is that you do not need a WEPA™ account to print from a USB Flash-Drive. Note: To receive all of the benefits from WEPA™, you need to use your MU account information.

Do I need to enter my “Release Code” for each print job?

No.  The release code feature is a great feature if you are on the go and you need to print just one file.  If you have to print more than one file, we recommend you login using your Username/Password. By logging in, all of your print jobs that are available to print are displayed and you can select one, several files, or all files to print.

Can I print from my mobile device?

WEPA™ is proud to announce the latest in “Smartphone” printing. You are able to send email and attachments to any WEPA™ kiosk with their most recent “Smartphone” technology. Whether you are using the iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry you are be able to download the WEPA™ “app” from the App Store or Google Play and send documents to any WEPA™ kiosk.