Cable TV for Resident

Campus TeleVideo, or CTV, is a Greenwich, CT-based company founded in 1984 that provides satellite-delivered cable television. According to CTV’s website, the company is the nation’s leading provider of television and telecommunication services to colleges and universities, with a presence at more than 220 of our nation’s higher education institutions.

With the Office of Campus and Residential Services, we were able to build a channel lineup larger in size to what we had with Comcast as a bulk agreement and populate it with the channels that the students indicated they had more of an interest in (local channels, sports, international networks, HBO).

With CTV, campus residents will experience superior video quality and customer service. However, Information Technology Services would like to ask students to plan on auto-scanning or re-scanning their televisions in the “Cable TV” mode so that they can access all of the new programming.

Additional Information


Please contact the IT Services at (703) 526-6990 or e-mail us.