Directed Self-Placement (DSP)

The DSP includes an English portion and a math portion. It serves to help your advisor make the best possible recommendations for the English and math courses you will take at Marymount. Please keep in mind this isn’t a graded exam, rather a way to make sure you are placed in the appropriate courses.

Important items to know before you start:

  • The DSP is required for all incoming freshmen, but is not required for transfer students.
  • If you are an incoming freshman, you will need to complete the DSP before you are able to register for classes with your academic advisor.
  • ​Use only Internet Explorer or Firefox as your web browser.
  • You will log in to the DSP using your Marymount username (abc12345) and password. This is the same username and password you created when you generated your student account on Marymount’s student account generator website. Please contact IT ( or 703-526-6990) if you are having any issues setting up your Marymount username and password.
  • If you have any questions, please email, and we will assist you.

Steps to Complete the DSP:

Step 1. Log in and complete the English portion using your Marymount username and password.

Step 2. After you have completed the English portion, you will be able to complete the math portion of the DSP. You can complete the math portion either right after the English portion, or by logging back in to the DSP at a later time.  There will be 42 math questions to answer.

Step 3. You have completed the DSP! Within a couple of business days, your academic advisor will send an email to your Marymount email address about creating your class schedule. Once you respond to that email, your advisor will work to create your schedule and register you for your first semester.

Please note: If you have dual enrollment credit, AP credit, or other college-level credit, you will still need to complete the DSP. Once Marymount receives your official transcripts, your schedule will be changed to reflect your prior college credit.