Academic Advising

The Student Academic Hub’s academic advisors are ready to help you decide on your path to graduation here at Marymount University.

Academic Advising at Marymount

The Student Academic Hub proactively guides and supports Marymount’s undergraduate students by monitoring progress each semester across their academic careers, with the goal of graduating in four years. Academic advisors take a student-centered approach to learning, focusing on the whole person by assessing individual needs and interests, providing appropriate referrals, and helping students understand university policies and procedures. By actively engaging students in discussions about goal setting, decision making, and problem-solving, academic advisors work in partnership with all students to navigate their life goals and foster success in their fields of study.

Advising Relationship

The Student Academic Hub promotes undergraduate student success by supporting and encouraging each student from orientation through graduation. A successful advising relationship is collaborative and requires students to take ownership of their educational journey. Advisors empower their students to:

  • Learn with purpose by choosing an educational plan that will complement their academic goals, strengths, and interests;
  • Understand the registration process and plan future semesters to complete their graduation requirements within four years;
  • Utilize university catalog and technology;
  • Access services on campus that support their success;
  • Make informed decisions pertaining to their education; and
  • Immerse themselves in Marymount’s culture of engagement that cultivates intellectual curiosity, service to others, and a global perspective.