Study Abroad for Transfer Students

All coursework taken through study abroad programs will be processed as transfer credit toward a Marymount degree, provided all courses are approved by a faculty member and the student meets the university’s requirements for transfer credit. (This does not apply to credits earned through the Rome Program or Marymount-sponsored short-term programs; these students receive direct Marymount credit.)

In accordance with the university regulations on post-admission transfer credit, undergraduate students are eligible to transfer no more than 15 credits from either a fall or spring semester abroad or no more than a total of 30 credits from an academic year abroad, since this is the full-time course load for undergraduate study and the amount of credit that might be earned in a similar period at Marymount.

The student must earn a grade of C or better to receive transfer credit. Further, grades will not transfer to Marymount nor will they be factored into the student’s GPA. Credits transferred from study abroad programs will not count toward the university’s 36-credit minimum residency requirement and will not count toward the 60-credit requirement for eligibility for Graduation Honors.

Students studying abroad in programs not sponsored by Marymount should consult the Global Education Office to learn if they must also maintain Continuous Registration at Marymount. Those who must maintain Continuous Registration but fail to do so will be considered separated from the university.

For more information about study abroad opportunities, please visit the Global Education Office’s website.