Continuous Registration

Obtaining Continuous Registration Status

All degree and certificate candidates must maintain active status at the university until all requirements are satisfied. As such, students who plan to return to the university after dropping or withdrawing from all courses should request to be placed on Continuous Registration. Continuous Registration status allows students to re-enroll in a future semester without submitting an application for readmission. Students may request Continuous Registration status for up to two semesters by obtaining email approval from their associate or assistant dean.

If a student is registered for a current semester and requests Continuous Registration for an upcoming semester, any approval received is contingent on a review of their academic standing at the conclusion of the current semester. An approved request for Continuous Registration for an upcoming semester does not override an academic dismissal at the conclusion of a current or previous semester.

Financial Aid Implications

Students approved for Continuous Registration will be reported to the National Student Clearinghouse as withdrawn. They will enter their federal student loan grace period as of that date, and if they have previously used up their student loan grace period, they will immediately enter into loan repayment. For Marymount’s complete Continuous Registration policy, please click see the University Catalog (undergraduate students/graduate students).