Faculty Research Support

University-funded Faculty Development Grant Awards

Several categories of faculty development grants are awarded annually on a competitive basis to support the professional development and growth of faculty as scholars, teachers, or leaders in their field. A range of grant opportunities are available. For most grant categories, the Faculty Development Committee (FDC), a peer group of faculty members, reviews applications and makes funding recommendations to the Provost.

Click here for a list of annual internal funding opportunities. The Faculty Handbook as well as the faculty development page of the Faculty Council Canvas Site provides additional details. Plus, each school has a faculty representative to the FDC who can provide individual guidance to faculty.


Faculty-Student Collaborative Summer Research Project Competition


If you would like to work with a student this summer on a research project of your interest, you MUST establish a 2020 faculty summer research profile by completing the summer research faculty profile google form accessed from the myMarymount portal, under Offices/resources and then ‘Office of Sponsored Programs’.

For more information about this Marymount-supported research support opportunity, click here.

Even if you have a profile posted from last year and it will not change, please complete the form. There is an option for ‘no changes’ to the profile.