Donating to the University Archives

The University Archives:

  • takes custody of inactive records with enduring historical value.
  • ​provides inventories, access to your files, and/or research services.

**All administrative records received by the University Archives are available to the originating office, but are automatically restricted for a period of 25 years from the date of creation for outside researchers.**

To send items to the Archives please fill out the Records Transfer Agreement.

What are records of enduring historical value? Some examples are:

  • Correspondence: official correspondence, including policy statements, announcements, and memoranda at large.
  • Reports: from projects, initiatives, committees, task forces, working groups, etc. Final reports, reviews, proposals, or recommendations; self-studies, strategic planning reports, and accreditation records.
  • If available, the background research compiled to inform those working on the project: state of the question, background information, and history of the question.
  • Meeting minutes, but also agendas and membership lists.
  • Course materials, to include notes and syllabi
  • Event posters, flyers, programs, tickets, scripts, and scores
  • Journals, diaries, scrapbooks, and letters
  • Photographs, DVDs, videos, etc. of university events
  • Student group charters, by-laws, annual reports, minutes, membership lists, and organizational histories
  • Publications, newsletters, brochures, booklets, and websites
  • Architectural drawings and floor plans