Student STEM Chapter Criteria

MU Global STEM Student Certification Criteria

  • Students need to engage in leadership and community service activities;
  • Undergraduate students need to be enrolled in 12 or more semester hours of undergraduate work at Marymount University at the time of application;
  • Graduate students must be enrolled in 6 or more semester hours of graduate work at Marymount University at the time of application;
  • Students need to have taken or be taking the following courses for STEM student certification at Marymount University:
    • Mathematics (ED 558/569/358) classes for undergraduate and graduate levels;
    • Science (ED 559/569/358) and Technology (ED 554/254) classes for graduate and undergraduate levels;
    • NASA webinar training in their chosen area of expertise;
    • Attendance at a mandatory induction ceremony to complete the final certification criteria;
    • Attendance at three STEM-related events to conduct activities for the local school community;
  • Students need to register for MU Global STEM membership at a nominal fee;
  • Students need evidence of all the above for issuance of MU Global STEM certificate for preservice teachers.

Leadership Events

  • Students need to implement STEM related activities on a given day, as a showcase event, for the community and local schools. The requirement is to be in attendance and conduct activities, in conjunction with KDP service hours;
  • Students need to participate in a NASA webinar and conduct an engineering and design activity.

Community Service

  • Students need to facilitate and attend all STEM events organized at local schools;
  • Students should participate in events for 13 – 15 hours, including travel for all events