Study Abroad for Education Students

At Marymount University, we believe very strongly in developing students’ understanding of their place in the larger global community and of how the global context in which we live and work affects our day-to-day existence at the local level.  All of our departments have created innovative study-abroad programs in a variety of formats that allow students to explore the world, develop cultural awareness, learn more about themselves, and apply their course content in a very different environment.  Additionally, through the Center for Global Education, students can apply for study-abroad programs that are run through other institutions; the opportunities are endless!  Click here for more information about our global initiatives.


A Sample of our Offerings Abroad

Qualified students may complete half of their student teaching semester in Rome, Italy, New Zealand, or Uganda.  Students at both the undergraduate and graduate level have opportunities to complete summer field-based courses in literacy or special education in locations from Costa Rica to Panama through ED 540 “Education Global Service Learning.”  ED 526 “Cross-Cultural/International Curricula” can include a field experience component in Uganda in partnership with the Arlington Academy of Hope, and ED 526 “Cross-cultural/International Curricula” often runs with a Ugandan-based field component, again through partnership with REACH for Uganda (formerly Arlington Academy of Hope).  For more information on student teaching abroad, click here. 

ED students in Panama