Politics and Economics

This is a sample degree plan for students pursuing a double major in politics and economics. All students must consult with an advisor in making course selections that meet their individual needs. Students pursuing a double major in politics and economics should consider completing a full semester studying abroad, and should consult with faculty advisors in both politics and economics early in their program to plan effectively.

Year One
Fall Spring
EN 101 – Composition I EN 102 Composition II
POL 103 – Comparative Politics POL 102 – International Relations
ECO 210 – Principles of Microeconomics ECO 211 – Principles of Macroeconomics
PH 100 – Introduction to Philosophy TRS 100 – Theological Inquiry
POL 101 – Power and Society University elective


Year Two
Fall Spring
Introductory Literature Politics elective
POL 250 – Research and Writing POL 210 – Theory of Democracy
POL 230 – American Policy Process Introductory Psychology or Sociology
Math – 132 Statistics Introductory History
ECO 310 – Intermediate Microeconomics ECO 311 – Intermediate Macroeconomics
Year Three
Fall Spring
Fine Arts, Advanced History, or Advanced Literature Moral Reasoning course
Politics elective Introductory Social Science or Natural Science
Economics elective Politics elective
Politics elective Economics elective
Natural Science with a lab Economics elective
Year Four
Fall Spring
POL 400 or ECO 490 – Internship POL 420 – Senior Seminar
Politics elective ECO 485 – International Economics
Politics elective University elective
University elective Fine Arts, Advanced History, or Advanced Literature
Economics elective Economics elective