Planning your politics degree

The Political Science and International Relations major is 42 credits. About half of Marymount politics majors began their undergraduate education at Marymount, while the rest begin at another institution and transfer to Marymount to complete their degree. The politics faculty and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions work together to make transfers to Marymount as seamless as possible; introductory politics courses taken at an accredited college or university will meet specific requirements for the politics major at Marymount, and other courses will generally count toward the elective requirements for the major.

The politics minor is 15 credits:

Many politics majors who begin their studies at Marymount are able to complete two majors, combining their politics major with a second major. Here are suggested 4-year plans for some of the most common combinations:

Many students also combine the Political Science and International Relations major with a minor in another field or an interdisciplinary minor.