Engineering Research Area

Dr. Eric Bubar’s laboratory is an entry ticket into the wide world of engineering. We utilize a variety of digital fabrication and rapid-prototyping tools to explore how cutting-edge technology can be used to improve lives. Projects in the laboratory vary every semester as new technologies become available. Current projects of interest include 3D printing of prosthetics/orthotics/assistive devices, developing novel bioinks, exploring microfluidics in biological 3D printing, implementing machine-learning/AI algorithms into rehabilitation technology, and exploring possibilities in the metaverse through virtual reality development.

Dr. Harish Aryal’s Thermal Hydraulics/ Computation lab involves the study of heat/mass transfer, and fluid mechanics processes in nuclear-mechanical systems. Key sub-areas: phase change, single/multi-phase fluids, HTGR, MSR, LMFBR, LWR using RELAP, CFD, MCNP, Scale, multi-physics, PRA, Mathematica, SAPHIRE, OpenBUGS, Fusion 360. He has grant experience with NSF, DoEd, DOE, NRC, DOD and has expertise in modeling and simulation of reactor systems, radiation shielding, medical imaging, nuclear security, and non-proliferation. Currently, his lab is involved in creating renewable energy-Engr projects tailored to historically underrepresented cohorts at MU. Another avenue includes use of radioisotopes in nuclear medicine image reconstruction/applications to support real-time imaging.

Dr. Shama Iyer’s laboratory is focused on musculoskeletal research using a cross-disciplinary approach (biomedical engineering, biomechanics, and muscle physiology). She studies the basic mechanisms of regeneration and nuclear dynamics in the musculoskeletal system, to develop rehabilitative strategies to improve skeletal muscle regeneration and to train undergraduate students in biomedical engineering. Students develop translational strategies to improve musculoskeletal health, with training in advanced techniques in molecular and cellular biology, physiology, biomechanics, and biomedical engineering.