Ariane Economos

Ariane Economos (no photo)

Associate Professor

Academic Credentials

B.A., University of San Francisco
M.S., Ph.D., Fordham University


Other Information

Dr. Ariane Economos joined Marymount University in 2010 after serving as a post-doctoral teaching fellow at Fordham University for two years. She teaches courses on medieval philosophy, ancient philosophy, philosophy of religion, ethical theory, and has developed the course Animals, Ethics, and the Environment. Her research interests focus on medieval science and philosophy, especially the works of Thomas Aquinas and John Buridan, and also on animal cognition and ethical issues concerning the treatment of animals. She has published and presented articles on a wide range of topics, including, interpretations of nous in medieval commentaries on Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics, the metaphysical principles underlying medieval medical practice, ancient and medieval theories of rationality, and the adaptation of natural law theory to ethical issues regarding the treatment of animals. She currently serves as Chair of the Philosophy Department.

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Phone: 703-284-6517