Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Counselor Education and Supervision program at Marymount University is dedicated to cultivating and empowering emerging leaders in the profession. We offer many unique opportunities to help students develop personally and professionally, including our on-site training clinic, global study opportunities, grant programs, and much more.

The overall mission of the program is to prepare and train post-masters professional counselor educators to function as clinicians, supervisors, higher education professors, and researchers who will seek careers in higher education, clinical or research settings, and/or supervisory positions in schools and agencies.

The doctoral program follows CACREP and will seek accreditation in Fall 2024. Consistent with the CACREP (2024 Standards), the doctoral program accepts the primary obligation to prepare graduates to work as counselor educators, supervisors, researchers, and practitioners in academic and clinical settings. This extension of knowledge will prepare graduates to be leaders and advocates for change while allowing individuals to foster their unique strengths, talents, and gifts. The doctoral program will encompass all of the entry-level program standards and students admitted for doctoral study must have completed studies that meet CACREP entry-level (masters) standards and provide evidence of a knowledge base of a professional counselor. 108 total credits are required for the Ph.D. program; 48 credits from a CACREP accredited or closely related field may be applied towards the Ph.D. program.

The following is an overview of the program curriculum core requirements:

Ph.D. Core Course Requirements:
CE 701 Advanced Diagnostic Classification of Mental Disorders
CE 702 Professional Issues in Counselor Education and Supervision
CE 710 Advanced Assessment of Social and Personality Functioning
CE 720 Advanced Theories and Models in Counselor Education
CE 723 Advanced Group Counseling Techniques
CE 725 Theories and Models in Counseling Supervision
CE 801 Clinical Skills Assessment Lab
CE 803 Clinical Practicum II
CE 805 Internship in Counselor Education (6 credits/2 semesters)
CE 809 Practicum in Counselor Supervision
CE 810 Multivariate Analysis and Advanced Research Design
CE 813 Qualitative Research
CE 815 Empirical Basis of Research
CE 899 Dissertation Preparation

For more information about our Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision program, including admissions requirements for the Fall 2024 inaugural cohort, please contact:

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