Program Testimonials

School Counseling

“As a graduate student at Marymount, there were many   things that I enjoyed, however, I would say that I most enjoyed the relationships that I built with both classmates and professors alike. I feel blessed to have developed lifelong friendships and owe much of my success as a School Counselor to the wonderful professors that work tirelessly to prepare their students for this profession. In addition, I enjoyed the varied coursework and the opportunities to shadow experienced counselors early on in the program, as well as the chance to work with students across different grade levels through practicum and internship opportunities.

In my opinion, Marymount’s School Counseling Program prepares you for this field like no other. The rigorous and diverse coursework allows for deep, meaningful conversation and true hands-on experiences. My time at Marymount has prepared me for my role as a school counselor in several ways. For starters,  it taught me the foundational skills needed to be an effective listener, and not just to listen, but to truly hear what students are saying. Secondly, I would say that Marymount’s intense focus on the ASCA Model has helped me advocate for my own comprehensive school counseling program.  I feel that my time here has also prepared me for taking life’s curveballs and handling them with grace and professionalism. Finally, it taught me that in order to take care of others, I need to take care of myself. There is no denying that this is a difficult field to work in, but I can promise you that it is one of the most rewarding.

If I were offering a prospective student advice, I would say look no further and set your sights on Marymount University. You will be welcomed by professors and mentors with a wide range of expertise and a warm, caring, and supportive learning environment. You will develop relationships that last far beyond graduation.”

Jamie Fobert M.A.
School Counselor
Parklawn Elementary School
Fairfax County Public Schools