Art Degree Requirements

The art major provides an education in diverse media and focuses on creating, studying, and evaluating art. The program capitalizes on Marymount faculty expertise in fine arts and profits from easy access to the many art galleries and museums in the greater Washington, DC, region.

Required Courses

Optional Pre-Professional Degree Tracks

Marymount also offers pre-professional degree tracks that lead to specific careers in the arts.

Art with K-12 Teaching Licensure Track

This program of study allows students to complete a baccalaureate degree in art and also be licensed to teach art at the K-12 level at the end of four years. Students pursuing licensure in this manner complete all requirements necessary for Virginia licensure, including field experience and student teaching.

Art with Pre-Art Therapy Track

The pre-art therapy track provides a full curriculum of art classes plus the psychology courses needed for entry into a graduate program to earn the master’s degree that is required to be a practicing art therapist. The undergraduate pre-art therapy degree can also prepare students to pursue graduate studies in related fields such as mental health counseling and counseling psychology.

The Required Courses linked above are for students who started the Information Technology (B.S.) degree program Fall 2021. For students who started prior to Fall 2021, please review your degree requirements in your Academic Catalog.

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