Careers in Art

The Department of Fine Arts is committed to helping students develop the skills for a professional career in the arts, and keeping you abreast of art events and opportunities and in the Washington, D.C. region.

Our B.A. in Art and our pre-professional tracks can prepare you to become a professional artist or a certified art teacher. They can help you compete for management-level jobs with an arts organization, or prepare you for graduate studies in Art Therapy. Depending on your track, you will have sufficient electives to earn a minor or even double-major to prepare for other arts-related careers. All majors also complete an internship with a local arts organization.

Studies have also shown that majors in art and the humanities are often more likely to be employed after graduation than majors in many career fields. Art majors bring excitement, dedication, and self-confidence to their work, along with skills in creativity, visual communication, cultural understanding, and hands-on problem-solving that are in high demand in this changing economy. Art majors find that they can market themselves with greater flexibility and can move easily between different sectors of the job market, finding long-term career achievement.

The Department of Fine Arts also maintains an on-line newsletter that informs students of upcoming exhibitions and events in the area, as well as calls for submission to local art shows.