PIM: Golden Aura Senior Exhibition

PIM: Golden Aura Senior Exhibition

Portfolio in Motion: Golden Aura Senior Exhibition

April 29 – May 18, 2022

In collaboration with Marymount’s Department of Fashion Design & Merchandising, Cody Gallery presented Portfolio in Motion: Golden Aura Senior Exhibition, supported by Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. This exhibition showcases Marymount’s fashion design student’s senior lines created for a specific target market. An opening was held in person on Thursday, April 28 at 6:00pm.

Marymount University’s annual Portfolio in Motion fashion show is a highlight of each academic year and is one of the largest events on campus produced by students. This Spring, the department of Fashion Design and Merchandising produced its first in-person show since 2019. Portfolio in Motion 2022 was planned and produced by a combination of Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design students who have conceptualized garments and created an aesthetically pleasing and functional line of apparel.

This year’s theme for Portfolio in Motion, “Golden Aura”, was coined by the students as a time for reflection, looking at the past few years and the changes each individual has endured. The Trevi Fountain inspired the concept of reflection and its transcending water. The origin of the golden theme comes from the color gold representing the color of success, achievement and triumph. Aura embraces the flow of energy through life. From day to night, your Golden Aura represents divine protection and offers spiritual enlightenment.

Through this year’s theme, the students hope to inspire and motivate others during this time of transition and change. We encourage those to delve into their own Golden Hour and follow the flow of energy in their life to new opportunities. This year, the department of Fashion is opening new doors and new opportunities for students to demonstrate their creativity and success.

Senior Fashion Design Students Showcased: Angie Gamarra-Becerra, Deonaé Carter-Beale, Varsha Paturi, Caylee Shelton, Mina Hamodah, VIctoria Onuigbo, Ernesto Santalla

3D Printed Accessories Showcased: Angie Gamarra-Becerra, Deonaé Carter-Beale, Varsha Paturi, Caylee Shelton, Mina Hamodah, VIctoria Onuigbo, Taylor Maxwell, Carolyn Treuting, Gabriella Scotto, Mariana Reyes, Gina Carvelli, Shantell Reyes, Jillian Abrigo, Shrinal Parekh

Faculty Advisors for Portfolio in Motion Exhibition: Julia Ravindran, Bill Allen

Portfolio in Motion: Golden Aura Logo Design: Lydia Langford

PIM: Golden Aura Senior Exhibition

Supported by Fashion Centre at Pentagon City

Portfolio In Motion: Metamorphosis


Cody Gallery of Marymount University is located at 1000 North Glebe Road, 2nd Floor. Street parking and Capital Bikeshare are available. The gallery is located near the Metroline Orange: Ballston-MU.


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