Student Researchers Shine at Annual Conference

Various images of Inclusive Classrooms

Every year, Marymount University hosts the Student Research Conference (SRC) so that undergraduate and graduate students can present their scholarship competitively, and be judged on their research based upon the following markers: clarity, impact, methodology, and ability to engage the audience. This year, on April 21, 2021, out of 104 students who participated in the […]

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Affirming the Spiritual Role of the Principal by Emphasizing Christian Values

  Recently, invited by the Arlington Catholic Diocese Leadership Academy, Sister Patricia Helene Earl, IHM, Ph.D., Director of the Catholic Schools Leadership Program presented “Catholic Identity and the Spiritual Role of the Principal.” Current principals, aspiring principals, and teachers who have been identified as future leaders were invited to this series of four seminars throughout […]

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Proud of our faculty who served on the national service programs

  Demonstrating that hiring alumni of national service programs is a high priority for the institution, Marymount University has been accepted as a partner of the Employers of National Service network. An initiative that connects AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni with employers from every sector to create recruitment, hiring and advancement opportunities, the network gives Marymount access to a pool […]

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Everyone is welcome:  The amazing value of creating inclusive classrooms

What do we know about Special Education?  Well, in the School of Education we love learning from Dr. Clara Hauth and Dr. Nicci Dowd.  Recently, both of them represented our school presenting “Enhancing Your Teacher Toolbox: Supporting Your Students with Autism and ADHD with Executive Functioning Skills in the Inclusive Classroom” for the faculty at […]

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