Internship Preparation

Getting Started
Internship Preparation
Create a list of your experiences:
◊ Education
◊ Employment
◊ Volunteer experience
◊ Involvement in student groups and other organizations
◊ Leadership
◊ Awards & Scholarships
Use this list to create your resume! The Center for Career Development can review your resume with you.
Internship Preparation
Start looking for internship opportunities early! Finding an internship takes an average of 3-6 months.
◊ Do you have skills from your experiences that meet what the employer is looking for?
◊ Look at the requirements (years of experience, US citizenship, etc.) if you are eligible to apply.
◊ Research online about companies and organizations as much as possible.
Where to find internships:

Parker Dewey for micro internships
Internship Preparation
Talk with your AIM professors and Center for Career Development staff about companies and industries to find a professional quality internship that meets university standards.
◊ School of Design & Art AIM: Jessica Bonness
◊ School of Technology & Innovation AIM: Dr. Susan Conrad
◊ School of Business AIM: Dr. Joe Eulberg
Engage in informational interviews with people who work at the company/organization.
Cover Letter
Internship Preparation
Let the employer know what you can bring to this position and why they should choose you.
◊ How do you stand apart from other applicants?
◊ What do you have in common with the company/organization’s mission, the supervisor, the department?
◊ What new initiatives is the company working on that they need you and your skills on their team? Do your research!
Internship Preparation
Tailor how you describe your resume experiences to meet the job requirements. Be honest about your experience, and demonstrate why your experiences are applicable to this position. 
Internship Preparation
◊ Schedule an appointment with the Center for Career Development to review your resume and cover letter with their expert staff before you submit your application.
◊ Companies often have their own application process. Make sure you submit your application correctly. Proofread all your materials before you click submit.
Track Your Applications
Internship Preparation
Keep track of the positions you apply for:
◊ Position title
◊ Position description
◊ Company/organization name
◊ Contact information
If you don’t hear back about your application after a week, send a professional email following up about your interest in the position.
Report Your Internship
Internship Preparation
Report your internship in Handshake:
◊ Log in to the MyMarymount portal, and select Handshake from the Sign-On links
◊ Activate your account
◊ Complete your profile, including your resume submission for Center for Career Development review and approval
◊ Submit your Internship Experience Request
Double check that the internship course is offered during the semester you are trying to complete the internship