About MUSC

The Marymount University Staff Council will exist to serve Marymount University and its staff.  The Council will foster a culture of community by helping to create a positive work environment.  As a group, Staff Council acknowledges its call to support and further the mission and vision of the University by active participation in the life and governance of the University as described herein.

1) Promote communication among the staff, administration, faculty, and students.

2) Advance, enhance, and foster a spirit of unity and cooperation between staff, administration, faculty, and students.

3) It shall act as a forum for staff discussion of University policies and procedures with the goals of identifying issues of concern and promoting opportunities for growth.

4) Accept and promote shared responsibility between staff, administration, faculty, and students to achieve the goals of the University.

5) Provide a forum for issues, concerns, interests, enhancements, and information that may apply to all staff members of Marymount University. Recommendations from the Staff Council shall be forwarded to the University President and cabinet for consideration, input, or action.

6) Publicly recognize and promote exemplary achievement by staff members.

7) Identify various professional development opportunities for the Marymount community.

Bylaws, approved April 26, 2021.


Contact: MUSC@marymount.edu