Marymount Marketing and Communications


About Marymount Marketing and Communications

Our Marketing office supports the mission and goals of Marymount University through strategic marketing programs that provide accurate information about Marymount and effectively convey a positive image of the University to diverse external constituencies.

The marketing office oversees the design and content of the University website, produces print publications for external audiences, designs and places advertising in a variety of media, manages University social media accounts, publicizes items of interest about the University to the general public, and handles media relations.

The on-campus marketing and communications team consists of the following staff members:

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Creative Project Requests

In order to manage requests for creative services, web page design, and printing, please fill out the creative services request form. The following information is normally required to initiate your project:

  • Description of project
  • Target audience (Who do you want to see the piece?)
  • Deadline for completion or date of the event (if applicable)
  • Project lead’s name, email, and telephone number
  • Any text, images, or supporting information that will assist in fulfilling your request

Please offer as much information as possible so your project can be reviewed and the appropriate action can take place expeditiously. We ask that you submit all creative requests at least two weeks in advance so that we can accommodate all projects.

Please note: work will not begin on a project unless it is submitted through this online request. Also, marketing must approve all print and digital materials bearing the University seal and/or logo. The visual treatment must respect the seal/logo’s integrity; the seal/logo may not be altered or combined with other graphic elements to change its appearance.

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Marymount News, On-the-Go Updates, and Spotlights

If would like a news story (to be placed under Marymount News or Marymount On-the-Go sections of the website and/or sent to news media as a release based on MarComm’s discretion) or a spotlight created about a Marymount Alumnus, Faculty, Staff, or Student, please share that story or information with us.



Requests for photography services from Marketing & Communications will be considered on an individual case basis. Factors include our department’s availability of time and resources and the nature of the request in connection to our website, social media, and overall communications efforts. If we are unable to fulfill your request, we may recommend the use of an external vendor.

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Marymount News, Saints-on-the-Go Updates, and Spotlights

If you would like a news story (to be placed under either the Marymount News or Marymount Saints-on-the-Go sections of the website and/or sent to news media as a release based on MarComm’s discretion) or a Spotlight created about a Marymount alumnus, faculty, staff, or student, please share that story or information with us.

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