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What better place to study politics than Washington, DC – one of the political centers of the world!

At Marymount University, the B.A. in Politics will prepare you to take advantage of the dynamic opportunities awaiting those who pursue this field of endeavor. At Marymount, Politics is a liberal arts discipline. This means MU’s program considers the study and understanding of political theory and principles of government essential to the analysis of past and current political issues and problems.

Additionally, the outstanding federal, state, and local government resources of the Washington DC, metropolitan area provide unmatched internship and independent research opportunities. These enhance understanding and appreciation of the principles and procedures of democratic systems.

As a Politics major, you will examine political theory – from Plato’s Republic to ideologies at the center of today’s global conflicts. Through study of the oldest “living” constitution in the world, the United States Constitution, you will learn to write legal briefs, analyzing articles and principles in that important document. By analyzing and writing case studies you will learn domestic and foreign policy-making processes. Comparative government courses complete the list of foundational studies that explain governing systems and procedures.

What skills will you take away from your Marymount academic experience? Transferable skills for Politics majors include analytical thinking, advanced research and writing techniques, conflict resolution, and problem solving. You will learn to develop and apply these skills in internships and through research presentations. These skills serve graduates well as lawyers, lobbyists, public relations officers, teachers, research analysts in private business and in public service agencies, and countless other career areas.

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Faculty Spotlight

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                      Photo Of William Miller
Dr. William Miller
Professor of Politics

Professor William Miller established the Politics program in 1987 and chaired the department until 1998. he has taught a wide variety of Politics courses at Marymount, though his particular interest is in the political and religious thinking that generates contemporary terrorism and revolutionary activity.