Reservation Instructions

Instructions for reserving through each office and what spaces they cover. 
Conference Center- Most non-classroom spaces. 
Complete an Event Request Form through the Marymount Website at least 2 weeks before date requested. If necessary, you may follow up with any additional event details by contacting
If no Conference space is needed, submit your request directly to If you are an internal group requesting catering with your Conference Center reservation, please provide general information to Conference Center for setup purposes, then reach out to the Catering Manager directly for your quote. 
President’s Office- Main House spaces
Submit your request to Conference Center, to be approved by the President’s office. If already approved by the President’s office, please forward approval to Conference Center so that it may be added to the calendar.
Astra/Registrar Office- Classroom spaces.
You can submit your event request form through Astra when you need a classroom for an event or meeting. You can do this by logging into the Marymount Portal ( and then selecting Astra from the “Sign-On Links”. You’ll then see “Events” on the top toolbar and then select “Event Request”.
If you have any questions about this, you can absolutely contact our office.
Office of the Registrar
Reinsch Library- Spaces inside the secured and monitored library area. 

Please click here to see the page that will allow you to book a room at the Reinsch Library or at the BCLE. This page can also be viewed on the MU Library page under Quick Links -> Reserve a Room. 

You can view all library hours here. These are subject to change for future dates. This page can also be viewed on the MU Library page when you click “Today’s Hours” at the bottom right of the page.
Lee Center- All of Lee Center aside from Bernies.
Reservations should be made through Erica Lloyd in Athletics, if she is out of office, then Joshua Laveck. Please forward approval to Conference Center so that it may be added to the calendar.
All internal group parking is charged through the Conference Center. Admissions, Orientation, and events with 5 or less visitors may park free of charge with a reservation. All other groups are charged a group rate of $6 per car. This is charged to the hosting department’s GL code after the final count of the event. Please provide event name, an estimated guest count, as well as guest names if there are 5 or less visitors. Alternatively, guests may each pay the standard rate at the gate. 
***If IT, Housekeeping, or Physical Plant are needed for an event that is not booked through the Conference Center, please contact the required office directly. – Physical Plant – Housekeeping