Support Services at Marymount

Welcome from Dr. Laura Finkelstein, Associate Vice President for Student Health and Wellbeing

International Student Services

Marymount’s International Student Services Office (ISS) is dedicated to providing students with a comfortable and supportive environment that facilitates adjustment and promotes personal growth and academic success. The International Student Services Office provides the following services for new and continuing students: immigration advising; cultural and educational programs; academic and co-curricular support; information on U.S. and Marymount's policies and procedure; and confidential cross-cultural counseling For more information about International Student Services, please click here.

Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services (SCS) provides supportive, confidential, empowering services to help all students thrive at Marymount. The demands and expectations of school, work, activities, and relationships can feel overwhelming. Center counselors can help students identify and solve problems, increase self-understanding, adjust to college, improve academic performance, manage distressing feelings and experiences, and develop and maintain healthy relationships. For more information about the Student Counseling Services, please click here.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services (SHS) provides diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries. SHS provides many of the routine services offered at primary healthcare offices including laboratory studies, immunizations, prescriptions, allergy injections, specialist and radiology referrals. For more information about the Student Health Services, please click here. Marymount University believes that health insurance coverage is crucial while students pursue their studies. If a student lacks adequate health insurance, their education could be interrupted or even terminated due to an unexpected illness or injury. Please click here to learn more about Marymount's sponsored insurance plan, including enrollment and waiver policies.

Student Wellness, Prevention, and Education

The mission of the Office of Wellness, Prevention and Education is to create and maintain a holistic and comprehensive culture of wellness on campus, through inclusive health promotion initiatives. The office offers peer-led health and wellness workshops, health education consulatations, health and wellness information and programming. For more informtation on the Office of Wellness, Prevention, and Education, please click here.

Student Access Services

Student Access Services (SAS) collaborates with instructors, staff, and Marymount community members to create usable, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable learning environments for Marymount students with disabilities. Students are able to engage SAS to strengthen their self-advocacy skills and learn about resources and services that enhance their academic strategies for success. As a result, students with disabilities can fully participate in and enjoy the benefits of higher education at Marymount. Please view the video below to learn more about the difference between receiving services in highe school and college. For more information on how students can request support and accommodations through Student Access Services, please click here.