Parking Services

Marymount has several parking lots and garages available for students, faculty and staff with a valid MU parking permit.

Rules & Regulations

  • All students parking a vehicle on Marymount University property or on an approved off-campus parking lot must obtain, read, and abide by the Parking Rules and Regulations for the current academic term.
  • All students parking a vehicle on Marymount University property must obtain and display the proper parking permit at all times. Parking permits must be current and must be hung from the vehicle’s rearview mirror, facing out.
  • Any vehicle parked on Marymount University property must display current county and state vehicle registrations. Vehicles failing to display these registrations are subject to towing without prior notification to the vehicle’s owner at the owner’s expense. Marymount University assumes no responsibility for any towed vehicle.
  • Guests of students must adhere to all Marymount University Parking Rules and Regulations. Students will be held accountable for violations received by their guests. For details on guest parking rules, please contact Parking Services at (703) 908-7671 or via email at
  • Marymount University assumes no responsibility for items stolen or damage done to vehicles on university property. Drivers should lock their vehicles at all times.
  • Incomplete or incorrect information will result in delayed processing of your permit.  
  • Use of the hang tag permit confirms you have received and will abide by the parking rules and regulations for the current academic year. 

Parking Permits

To purchase the 2020/2021 parking hangtags, pay for or appeal a citation, please click here

If you have any questions, please contact Parking Services at (703) 908-7671 or via email at

Permit Types 2020/2021
Commuter Permit $132



Per Semester – Fall, Spring, or Summer

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Summer 2021

Resident Permit $456 Per academic year (Fall 2020 & Spring 2021)
ID Card Replacement Fee

Parking Permit Replacement Fee



Per replacement

Per replacement


Parking Boot Removal $156 Per occurence

You will need a Marymount ID Card and current car registration before you apply for a parking permit. Student parking permits are divided into two categories: Resident (living in University sponsored housing) and Commuter. Please note that students will be charged a $60 replacement fee for a lost permit. All parking permit payments are to be made at the Cashier’s Office located in Rowley Hall or through Marynet.

A permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available. The conditions for using each type of permit are as follows:

Permits for Commuter Students

  • Commuter students can purchase a permit for the academic year (Fall and Spring) at a total cost of $264, or on a per-semester basis for $132. Having a permit does not guarantee that a space will be available.
  • Commuter students may park in the Main Lot (except in reserved spaces), the Blue Garage or the White Garage on Main Campus. Commuter permits may park at the Ballston Garage located at 1000 N. Glebe Road.
  • Students may NEVER park in any reserved spot.
  • Special note: Commuter students should note that they may not park in the Library lot or lots near Rowley.
  • Commuters may park on Main Campus from 7am-11pm everyday.  Additionally they are restricted in the Ballston Garage to 7am-11pm Monday-Friday and from 8am-6pm on Saturday. Students should only be parking in the lots only if they are in classes or attending a University function.

Permits for Doctor of Physical Therapy Students

  • Students may park in the Blue Garage located next to the Library or White Garage, located under Ostapenko Hall or at the Ballston Garage during building hours.
  • The 4250 Fairfax Garage hours are limited to 7:00 am-11:00 pm Monday-Friday & 8am-6pm on Saturday, no access on Sunday.

Permits for Resident Students

  • Students under 60 credits, in order to receive a Parking Permit, must fill out an Underclassmen Parking Exception Form. Upon approval the student can receive a Parking Permit. This form is available online.
  • Students over 60 credits living in the University residence halls on Main Campus can obtain a parking permit for the academic year. The permit fee for the 2020-21 academic year is $456.
  • Resident undergraduates with a current parking permit may park in the White or Blue Garage. The White Garage is located under Lee Ostapenko Hall and the Blue Garage is located next to the Reinsch Library.
  • Students may NEVER park in any reserved spot.
  • Students may NEVER park in any surface lots (ie: Library Lot, Main Lot, lots near Rowley, etc.)
  • Tandem Parking Spaces are available to purchase, but can only be used in the White Garage next to Lee Ostapenko.