Xiang Liu

Xiang Liu (no photo)

Professor - Tenure

Academic Credentials

B.E., Nankai University
M.S., Tianjin Polytechnic University
Ph.D., Boston University


Other Information

Teaching Area

  • Information Technology applications
  • Database technology
  • Software engineering
  • Security and privacy of documents and records management
  • Cybersecurity principles

Research Interests

Dr. Michelle Liu joined Marymount University as an assistant professor in 2008. Previously she was a research assistant at the Boston University Institute for Leading in a Dynamic Economy (BUILDE) in Boston, MA. She received her doctoral degree in Information Systems from Boston University where her thesis topic was “Design Architecture, Developer Networks, and Performance of Open Source Software Projects.” She also holds a master’s of Management degree in MIS from Tianjin Polytechnic University in China and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in International Trade of Textiles from Nankai University, China.

Dr. Liu’s scholarly work mainly focuses on three areas: (1) renovate or innovate STEM education (focusing on IT/ IS and cybersecurity programs and curricular) to increase workforce diversity and readiness; (2) explore how emerging technologies would impact interact with, or co-evolve with users, existing organization structure and culture; and  (3) investigate various phenomena, trends, incidents, and human behaviors in cybersecurity and provide a better understanding as of how to design and deploy different cybersecurity tools, technologies, frameworks and policies to secure the cyberspace. Her work appears in the Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Information Systems Education  Journal, The Learning Organization,  among others. Co-authoring with her colleagues, she has won two Best Paper Awards: John Yanouzas Outstanding Paper Award at the 2017 Eastern Academy of Management International Conference and the Best Paper Award at the 2013 ISECON (Information Systems Educators Conferences).

Dr. Liu has been both PI and Co-PI for several NSF and NSA grants during her tenure at Marymount. She is a Certified Electronic Records Management Practitioner (ERMp) and a Certified Cyber Intelligence Investigator (CCII). 



Phone: 703-284-5937

Email: michelle.liu@marymount.edu