Dr. Theresia Atanga Wansi

Dr. Theresia Atanga Wansi (no photo)


Accounting, Economics and Finance, College of Business, Innovation, Leadership and Technology, School of Business

Academic Credentials

B.Sc., M.B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of New Orleans
M.B.A.-PLUS, University of North Carolina


Other Information

Teaching Area

  • Finance
  • Economics

Research Interests

Her current research interests include : The impact of colonialization on GDP per capita of emerging (developing) nations, determining the probability of bankruptcy with various models and Behavioral Finance. 


Dr. Theresia Wansi holds a Ph.D in Financial Economics from the University of New Orleans, MBA-PLUS (Information & Technology Management) from the University of Carolina at Charlotte, MBA (Finance concentration), MA (Economics) and BSc (Business Administration – computer science option) from the University of New Orleans. She teaches face-to-face and online at the graduate and undergraduate level.


Her publications include:

  • “Drivers Of Reserves Accumulation In The South East Asian Countries,” co-authored with Shrestha, B Min, http://www.seacen.org/workingpapers.php , 2014.
  • “Does Purchasing Power Parity hold between the US and Canada? Evidence from 1957 to 2010,” co-authored with Grumlose, Dean, The South Western Journal of Economics. Vol X1, No. 111, 2012.
  • “Integration across the MIS and Finance Curriculum – A Case Study of Team Teaching,” co-authored with Liu,Michelle , Competition Forum. 2012.
  • “Changing Risk, Return and Leverage: The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis,” co-authored with N. Maroney and A. Naka, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (JFQA) March 2004.”


Phone: 703-284-5979

Email: Theresia.Wansi@marymount.edu