Susan Conrad

Susan Conrad (no photo)

Assistant Professor

Academic Credentials

BA, University of Wisconsin – Madison
MBA, Kansas State University
M.Ed, George Mason University
Ph.D., George Mason University


Dr. Conrad began her career as the chief aide for the Senate Energy and Technology Committee for the State of Wisconsin. She later transitioned to Accenture Consulting as a technology strategy consultant working with companies such as Fannie Mae and Giant Foods. She was recruited to join a start-up committee in the San Francisco Bay area as the chief architect for the development of a Medicare review system which was later purchased by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

Afterwards, she became the Director of Information Services for a hospital in South Carolina where she implemented a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) infrastructure. Dr. Conrad left the hospital after several years to accept a position to with Siemens Medical Solutions for twelve years where she held a variety of positions to include Director of ERP and custom code implementations (a 200+ person implementation team); sales executive for the Mid-Atlantic region and executive customer relationship management. Dr. Conrad has been teaching  full-time at Marymount University in the School of Business and Technology since Fall 2016.

Other Information

Teaching Area

Information Technology Leadership
Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures
Global Cybersecurity
Corporate Cybersecurity
Web Programming
Python Programming

Research Interests

Technology Leadership and Change Management
ERP Implementations
Data Privacy and Data Security
Cyber Awareness
Social Engineering


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