Michelle Walters-Edwards

Michelle Walters-Edwards (no photo)

Associate Dean

College of Health and Education

Academic Credentials

Ph.D, B.Sc. Hons.


A native of England in the United Kingdom, Dr. Michelle Walters-Edwards has been a full-time faculty member within Marymount’s Health and Human Performance Department since 2005.

Dr. Walters-Edwards has worked as a research scientist at the National Centre for Sports Injury Surgery in the U.K. Previous research interests include the quantification of neuromuscular and sensory control of the knee joint using a novel method of assessment (magnetic stimulation) in both recreational and elite athletes prior to and following an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) as well as during conditions of fatigue and muscle damage. Dr. Walters-Edwards has served as a special volunteer at the National Institutes of Health, Physical Disabilities Branch of Rehabilitation Medicine and has conducted human performance assessments with D.C. United of Major League Soccer.

Current research projects include exercise and nutrition as an intervention for both adult and childhood obesity.

Other credentials

Member, American College of Sports Medicine (A.C.S.M); Candidate for American College of Sports Medicine, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist Certification

Teaching Area

  • Exercise Physiology (HPR 202)
  • Intro to Exercise Sciences (HPR 201)
  • Health Assessment (HPR 302)
  • Intro to Sports Medicine (HPR 260).

Research Interests

  • Neuromuscular performance of the lower limb
  • Prevention of ACL injury in female athletes
  • Prevention and reversal of childhood obesity
  • Human performance of elite athletes



Phone: 703-284-1597

Email: mwalters@marymount.edu