Marilyn Peterson

Marilyn Peterson (no photo)


Forensic and Legal Psychology

Ms. Peterson is a 40-year veteran in the field of intelligence analysis. She has written several books, including Applications in Criminal Analysis: A Sourcebook (Greenwood and Praeger).

She spent 25 years as a regional and state-level analyst in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She also taught intelligence analysis for 12 years for the Department of Defense. Since 2017, she has been semi-retired, teaching at Marymount University and for the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA). She was primary editor of Applications in Intelligence-Led Policing (2018) and Intelligence 2000: Revising the Basic Elements (LEIU and IALEIA). She is currently Training and Professional Development Director for IALEIA, which has over 3,000 members worldwide. She specializes in financial intelligence analysis and strategic analysis, having developed courses and writings in each area.

Academic Credentials

B.A., Thomas Edison State University

M.A. Seton Hall University

Teaching Areas

Intelligence-Led Policing: Applications and Methods