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Lisa R. Jackson-Cherry is Professor and School Director for the Department of Counseling at Marymount University. She has been a counselor educator for 23 years; 20 years at Marymount University. She received her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision, Ed.S. in Counseling, and Master of Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina.

She is a Fellow with the American Counseling Association (ACA) and served two terms on ACA Governing Council. She is the past- President of ASERVIC, Legislative Representative for the LCPC-M (Maryland), and appointed as Board member of the Professional Counselors and Therapists in Maryland, serving 4 years as Board Chair and Interim Executive Director. She is the recipient of the ACA Carl Perkins Government Award; Leadership, Meritorious, and Lifetime Service Awards from ASERVIC and European Brach of ACA, and Lifetime Service Award from the Military and Government in Counseling for her work with First Responders.

Her research has focused on ethical and legal issues in counseling and supervision, mental health with military and first responders, risk assessment, and religious and spiritual integration into counseling. She is in private practice in Maryland, where she works with recipients of medical assistance focusing on anxiety and depression. She served for many years as a lead counselor with COPS Kids (Concerns of Police Survivors) during National Law Enforcement Officers Week, providing group counseling to children who experienced the death of a law enforcement officer-parent in the line of duty. Prior to her faculty appointment in 2000, her clinical experiences consisted of clinical director for mobile crisis team in Baltimore City, behavioral specialist and conflict resolution coordinator/counselor in various public and residential high schools, group co-facilitator for a women’s maximum-security correctional facility, police department youth counseling, and crisis intervention training facilitator for law enforcement basic trainees and hostage negotiators. She has written numerous articles and has participated extensively at state, national, and international conferences over the past 20 years. She is the co-editor of the text Crisis Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention (3rd edition) and co-author of Practicum and Internship: A handbook for competent clinical practices (in print for April 2021).

Teaching Areas

Crisis Assessment and Intervention, Clinical Supervision/Internship, Pastoral Integration, Global Approaches in Mental Health Counseling)

Research Interests

Risk Assessment, First Responders and Military, Spiritual and Religious Issues in Counseling


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